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Experience more stability, endurance and comfort

Choose now between dancing and cycling and revolutionize your movement!

Latest 3D Technology

Our insoles are individually manufactured based on the 3D impression of your feet using the latest 3D printing technology. We only use materials and production processes from orthopaedic footwear technology.

Expert Knowledge

Your insoles are designed individually. In collaboration with orthopaedic experts, we have developed processes to implement the special features of the respective sport and the requirements of professional athletes and passionate dancers in the production of the insoles.


Mehr Bequemlichkeit und Ausdauer, entlastet den Ballen und Stützt das Fußgewölbe.

Stable and secure - maximizes ground contact for more precision in dynamic movement.

Mehr Halt und optimale Druckverteilung im Radschuh. Richtet das Fußgelenk aus und fördert die Durchblutung im Vorfuß.

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