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Customized insoles for high heels and dancing shoes

Welcome to easySoles - your innovative solution for customized insoles, designed specifically for high heels and dancing shoes. Our insoles are custom-made based on a precise 3D footprint of your feet. These custom-made insoles are the perfect accompaniment to your shoes and offer you unparalleled comfort whether you're standing, walking or hitting the dance floor.

Our high-quality insoles for high heels and dancing shoes were designed to improve the comfort of your shoes. Both the insoles for high heels and the insoles for dancing shoes offer an extended contact surface and support the arch of the foot at the same time. This allows you to be active in your shoes for hours and hours without compromising on comfort. If you are a dance or sports enthusiast, this will allow you to improve your performance and take the pressure off your feet at the same time.

easySoles - The key to more comfort and endurance in your high heels and dancing shoes. Experience the difference!

The shoe insole for high heels

Tangolera Jaguar Heels mit Einlagen Einlegesohlen fuer Tanzschuhe

How our insoles for high heels and dancing shoes work
- From dancers for dancers

easySoles are the result of decades of professional experience in shoe orthopaedic technology and our passion for dancing. Our claim for easySoles is that they offer more comfort, control and endurance in high heels and dancing shoes.

The two key components of our insoles for high heels and dancing shoes are:

  • A longitudinal arch that is modeled exactly on your foot
  • An individually placed pad in the midfoot area

These components are widely used in shoe orthopaedic technology to increase the contact surface, take pressure off the forefoot, relieve the big toe joint and stabilize the ankle and knee. At the same time, we would like to emphasize that easySoles are not a medical product.

Vorteile der Einlegesohle Einlage fuer High Heels oder Tanzschuhe

Customized with 3D technology

At easySoles, we use advanced 3D technology to customize your insoles. First, we create a precise 3D footprint of your feet. We then use special orthopaedic footwear technology software to model a custom-made insole in 3D. This base is produced using an environmentally friendly 3D printing process. Finally, the insole is given a high-quality cover made of vegan synthetic leather with a pleasant feel.

Great look + pleasant feel

Schuheinlagen, Einlegesohlen High Heels, Tanzschuhe

Our cover material is not only environmentally friendly, but also extremely breathable. It can absorb 8 times its density in moisture to keep your feet dry and ensure excellent support.

Thanks to our precise 3D technology, high-quality manufacturing and decades of experience, we offer insoles that fit perfectly with your high heels and dancing shoes.

What our customers say

After a few hours I was absolutely convinced! Meanwhile, I now already have three pairs of Tango Like with 8.5 cm heel with EasySoles. My feet are much more relaxed, I can stand and dance longer, even after many hours.
Thank you dear Eugen for this great idea and consultation!

– Pia

Did you ask yourself how to dance in a Tango marathon many hours in the high heels . This soles offer a full contact to the shoes, so I can use the whole feet as support. The sole wraps the feet perfectly as designed on my feet. One really needs them!!!

– Dora

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