About us

We, Lena and Eugen Schroeder, are passionate tango dancers and founders of easySoles.

For me it has always been a mystery how the ladies can stand it so long on their high shoes while looking so relaxed and fit. Lena and a few other dancers enlightened me - it's not always as easy and relaxed as it looks. That's how the idea for easySoles was born.

– Eugen

Casual or dressy, high heels go with everything - but what about their comfort?
The advantage of working professionally for the orthopedic industry and having time on our hands in 2021 gave us the answer: custom insoles for dance shoes.

– Lena

And why "easySoles"?

The name came from our son, who followed the development of our idea. His explanation:
"When you have these soles, everything is easy. You can dance forever, whether you're in closed-toe dance shoes or high heels - easySoles."

You have some questions?

Our FAQ consists of questions and answers about our easySoles. If you can't find the answer you're looking for in our repertoire of questions, please contact us directly. Simply use the contact form or write an e-mail to eugen@easysoles.de.