What our customers say

Feedback is important so that we can constantly improve our products and adapt them even more optimally to the needs of your feet. We asked a few of our customers what they think of their easySoles. 

My feet like it!

After the second foot injury in two years I am back on the heels: my new Tangoleras and the first pair of custom-fit Easysoles, the second pair will follow. After the first try I can say: my feet like it and my Madame Pivots are looking forward to it! With thanks to Eugen ! It's worth it....


The flexibility of the dance shoes remains.

I have the soles in my dancing shoes. It is a super wearing feeling. The feet are super well supported and no longer get tired so quickly. The flexibility of the dance shoe remains without restrictions. I am happy to have such a great sole in my dance shoes.


My feet are well supported.

This is probably the best idea for a long time to treat myself to these great soles. My feet are well supported. I have full contact with the entire footbed and my ball of foot is optimally relieved. What a great invention dear Eugen. You will make many dancers happy with it.


Dance through life with pleasure!

Thanks Corona - super idea to allow us women on high heels dancing comfortably and for hours, without it we would like to hurl the shoes into the corner! I'm already saving to get insoles in all my shoes, thank you very much, dear Eugen, for your great idea and implementation! Good luck - I can wholeheartedly recommend the eaySoles to dance through life with pleasure!


My feet are greatful every time.

I love beautiful tango shoes with high heels of at least 9 or 10 cm. This gives me a happy and uplifting feeling when dancing, but it puts a strain on my feet. The insoles give my feet a better support and stability. My feet are grateful every time. Eugen also fitted a pair of my "normal" high heels with the insoles at my request. I can recommend this equally.  


Very comfortable!

Very comfortable. The soles are tailor-made, taking into account the individual shape of the foot. High heel shoes become as comfortable as flat shoes. Especially recommended for dancing shoes. Big thanks for the invention and for the quick order execution!


Absolutely amazing soles!

Absolutely amazing soles! Thank you Eugen for developing easySoles, I have already used them in several Milongas and I am totally happy with them! Excellent quality and support for my feet! When cleaning up my Milonga after dancing a lot too, I suddenly realized I was still wearing my heels, it feels so natural… Thank you! Will definitely recommend and get more of my shoes done!


Can highly recommend it!

Got my tangolera high heels modified with the easySoles from Eugen and can highly recommend it! The soles are made individually and support the feet perfectly when dancing. Very comfortable for many marathon tandas… Great work, thank you Eugen!


I am absolutely thrilled.

I got EasySoles individually fitted and inserted into my Regina dance shoes, with a heel height of 9 cm, after a detailed consultation with Eugen. I am absolutely thrilled. Even after several hours of lessons, my feet are relaxed, I just don't want to miss them anymore. I will definitely have more dance shoes fitted. Dear Eugen, thank you very much!


One really needs them!

Did you ask yourself how to dance in a Tango marathon many hours in the high heels. This soles offer a full contact to the shoes, so I can use the whole feet as support. The sole wraps the feet perfectly as designed on my feet. One really needs them!!!


Great idea and consultation!

After a few hours I was absolutely convinced! In the meantime, I already have three pairs of Tango Like with 8.5 cm heel with EasySoles. My feet are much more relaxed, I can stand and dance longer, even after many hours. Thank you Eugen for this great idea and consultation!


It increases tango-joy.

I have some… and can only say: it increases tango-joy on a Marathon/Encuentro as the feet don’t get tired. Thanks to Eugen and his team! 


You have some questions?

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